Dorada, Tropical And Reina - Beers Of The Canary Islands

The Canary Island archipelago is famous for its sunny beaches, night life, excursions, hiking… Well people seem to find these islands suitable for a wide range of activities. One common factor is the climate, the Canary Islands are blessed with a pleasant temperature all year round.

So what does beer have to do with all this? Well, the fact is that enjoying a cold, locally brewed beer makes the day perfect, whether you relax by the pool or you happen to find yourself in a bar at a busy street corner in Las Palmas.

Since most of the people visiting the islands know how to enjoy life, they inevitable will come in contact with the beers produced locally in the Canary Islands. A quick search in Google gives you several reviews of beers, and as it seems the beers from the Canary Islands are appreciated and sought after by people from all over the world!

As you will see below, the beers of the Canary Islands are as divided as the administrative regions of this archipelago.

Gran Canaria Beer

The beer of Gran Canaria is called Tropical, brewed by CCC, Compañia Cervecera de Canarias. There is a cuban beer called Tropical as well, but they have nothing in common. Tropical is brewed in Las Palmas, and enjoyed mainly in the eastern islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Under the collective brand of Tropical you will find Tropical Pils (the normal lager beer), Tropical Premium (somewhat stronger) and Tropical Sin (alcohol free).

Tenerife Beer

The people of Tenerife drink Dorada, and hardly any other brand. It will actually be very difficult to find a bar serving Tropical in Tenerife (though in Gran Canaria you´ll find Dorada...)! Nevertheless, both Dorada and Tropical are brands within the CCC group. But that doesn´t mean they taste the same. Go ahead and try them both, you will notice the difference right away.

Dorada beer is served in the forms of Dorada Pilsen (normal lager), Dorada Especial (stronger) and Dorada Sin (alcohol free).

About five years ago a new beer was introduced to the Canary Island beer market, Reina. According to company statements, Reina tries to position itself as a compliment to the giants of Tropical and Dorada. Reina is by now sold all over the archipelago.

Enjoy your Canary Island beer!

There are of course many forms of having your Tropical or Dorada, and if you move just outside the main tourist area you will need to remember the following in order to get your favourite beer!

A CAÑA means a small draught beer. The size varies, but I would say that a caña is in general about 25 to 33 centiliters of beer. If you go for a bigger one, you´ll order a JARRA, being a jar. You may also order bottled beer, a BOTELLIN (25 centiliters) as well as a normal sized one.

Tip: In most places you can order beer in a frosted glass. The barman will pick up a glass straight from the fridge. A nice way to enjoy a cold beer. And it looks really refreshing too!

Another Canary Island beer tip would be to order a CLARA, which is a kind of Shandy. Sometimes they mix the beer with Gaseosa, which is a light flavoured soda, not as sweet as traditional sodas.

By now you know the basics of Canary Island beers, so just go ahead and enjoy. But be aware, the sun can be very strong, and you will get thirsty every now and then!

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