Have your own draught lager at home

It is becoming more and easier to hire pub equipment like taps, and cooling equipment. For home use, these are handy if you have a BBQ or a wedding, or a general get together.

The best thing about the local pub is the freshly poured lager, nowadays you can hire the pumps and coolers to do just that at home.

The smoking ban came into force in the UK in July, the pubs are suffering financially and are feeling the pinch it seems the smokers are staying at home hence there has now been an increase in the number of people buying alcohol from the supermarket and staying in.

A Beer keg can hold around 11 gallons or 88 pints to the more engrossed drinker there are companies out there now who will sell or even hire you a keg, and the cooling equipment needed to produce the perfect pub pint.

This is what you will need to pour draught lager, the first thing is the Keg which is freely available these days and as mentioned above hold a good few pints. Then you need a cooler, these are sometimes referred to as flash coolers, or shelf coolers once you have one of these you are nearly there.

Another important factor in Beer Dispense is CO2 or sometimes referred to as gas. The gas forces pressure into the keg and forces the beer out into the tap into the glass the pressure of the keg is normally set to 14-18 psi this is the standard for lager although different brewers specify different pressures for their lagers.

You will also need the keg coupler or fitting for the keg again different Breweries use different fittings some of the common ones are Sankey used for Carlsberg and fosters, and Grundy used for Stella and other lagers, the Grundy fitting is sometimes referred to as the Bass fitting.

There are also many more they include. A type, U Type, Interbrew.

The best way to do it is to rent the equipment and this can be done easily companies deliver the Keg, the cooler, and the fittings along with the CO2 for around 35 per night.This includes delivery and setting up of the equipment. The price of a keg is around 125 and for a premium lager 150-160. It seems definitely worth while if you're having a party.

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