How To Identify The Best Beer For You

Generally there are minor variations on beer styles from brewery to brewery. There are three terms to distinguish in between the flavor of beers. Now you have to take time to learn these flavor characteristics and decide what balance of these traits suits you, thus you’ll be consistently ordering a perfect enjoyable beer bottle for you. Please have a look at these three terms as listed below:

Fruit Beer – Most of the Pale ales have a fruity flavor within them, but the fact is there is actual fruit at all in the beer. This fruity flavor is actually a by-product of the yeast fermentation in the brewing process.

Malt Beer – This is the most widely used Beer style. Actually malt is derived from barley and wheat, and is the part of the beer that is fermented. You will find many varieties of malt, with varying flavors. Many people also find a malt flavor to be somewhat sweet.

Hops Beer – It is widely know for its bitter flavor. Actually hops are a plant that is also added to beer, and they give beer a bitter flavor. Pale ales are generally the hoppiest beers available in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Australia.

Now you have to know about the beer styles. There are two widely used categories of beer styles known as bottom-fermenting beer and top-fermenting beer. Top-fermenting beers or Ales are more complex with fruity characteristics and include wheat beer, stout, porter and ale. While bottom-fermenting beers or lagers possess a cleaner finish and include bock, Oktoberfest, pilsner, American lager, and malt liquor. Bottom-fermenting beers are very light in color, light bodied and usually have little to no malt or hop characteristics.

So now that you have the idea of beer styles and know all the basic flavors that are present in beers, you can explore the different varieties of beer and find the best one that suits you and your palate.

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