Hpw to Brew Your Own Beer

As technology has advanced so the techniques for beer brewing have become more refined over the centuries. There are several processes that need to be carried out some relatively simple to complete in order for someone to brew beer. The most important part of the whole brewing operation is the fermentation process.

As mentioned above one can give home beer brewing a try if you want. A quick look online and you will be amazed at the n number of places where you can purchase everything to get your own home beer brew kit from. Below we take a look at what the main pieces of equipment are required for you to produce your own beer at home if you want.

Item 1 - A large boiling pot that is made either from stainless steel or the steel has been coated with ceramic. You need a pot that is big enough to hold at least 3 gallons of fluid and still have some space available.

Item 2 - The next thing you need to purchase as part of your home brewing kit is a Carboy. This is a large glass bottle that is of a similar shape to the plastic ones that contain spring water that you buy. It is crucial that the bottle is made from glass as it is this that the hot liquid from the pot will be placed so that the fermentation of the beer can take place.

Item 3 - Next you will need a large funnel and some good quality plastic tubing (clear is preferable). This are what you use to transfer the beer mixture from the pot into the carboy and then into a bucket (see below) before it is then bottled.

Item 4 - As mentioned above you need a 6 gallon plastic bucket of food grade quality preferably with a lid which is where the beer will kept before it is bottled. As mentioned to transfer the beer from the carboy into the bucket you need to use some plastic tubing and this will then also be used to put the beer into the bottles.

Other items that one will need for brewing beer at home are a raking cane, this connects to the siphon tube and will be used to prevent sediment being transferred from one container to the next. Also you need a specialist valve that prevents the beer from being contaminated by outside elements but which also allows carbon dioxide to escape as it is fermenting. This should be one that fits comfortably into the top of the Carboy. Generally what you find when you buy your Carboy this valve will be supplied with it.

Finally other essential items that are needed for beer brewing at home are a large wooden spoon, a thermometer (either a floating dairy one or a stainless steel dial are ideal). The range on these should be between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus also don?t forget to purchase some brewer's iodine solution which you need for sterilizing the equipment after each use.

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