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History Of Beer

The exact time frame of beer is debatable. Experts place it between 10,000 years to 7,500 years ago. That makes beer the oldest drink known to mankind. The inventors or discovers of beer, are however, not disputed. Almost everyone agrees that the Sumerians were first to brew them. (God bless their Souls!)

The Ingredients: Barley grains, malt, hops, yeast and water. Each one of them greatly alters the final taste of the brew.

Types Of Beer Beer comes in a number of varieties and variations. However, beer can be categorized under Lager or Ale.

Lager: When beer is produced using the bottom fermentation process, a lager is produced. In this process the yeast sinks to the bottom of the tank during fermentation. A pale gold liquid is produced.

Ales: When beer is produced using the top fermentation process, ales are produces. In this process the yeast is skimmed off the top during fermentation. Ales are usually darker and stronger in flavour.

A more comprehensive categorizing is given below:

Ale: Contains high content of hops and malt. Dark, almost black colour, defines this beer.

Bock: It has its origins in German springs. It is maltier and heavier then traditional beers.

Ice Beer: It is a medium lager with higher alcohol content, due to the removal of ice crystals.

Lager: It means 'to store' in German. It has a smooth, refined taste.

Lambic: It is a type of wheat beer to which fruit/sugar is added during fermentation. It has its origin in Belgium

Light Beer: It is characterized by a pale, watery look. It is low in calories and alcohol content.

Pilsners: It gets its name from a town named Pilsner in Czech Republic, where it was invented. It is known for having a malt character and dry, flowery finish. Pilsners are the most popular brewed beers in the world. Golden Lagers too fall in this category.

Porter: This is an extremely dark ale. It contains high content of hops and malt.

Sake: Sake is a Japanese beer made from rice. There are many types of sake and can be had in a variety of ways. This is allowing sake to compete with wine, as a cult.

Stout: This is one of the few beers that is sometimes served warm. However, the author likes it like any other beer, CHILLED! It has its origins in London and tastes of charcoal and molasses with a bitter sweet finish.

Wheat Beer: This type of beer is made with wheat malts. It has hints of fruit flavours such as banana, apple or orange. It is typically deep copper in colour.

White Beer: It is wheat beer with lambic hints. Like lambic beers, it has its origin in Belgium and has a fruity taste.

A Special note on Draft (or Draught): Draft is any beer that is poured out of a keg. Any beer can be poured as a draft. Typically stout and lager beers are served as draft.

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