One Beer Keg Just Isnt Enough

As a beer brewer you will soon learn that having just one beer keg just is not enough. Don't think that when that first starter keg is filled you will sit and wait until that one is empty again. You probably want to get started in your next batch so you will need one keg, probably more.

On a side note, even if you are not a home beer brewer (yet) you could still use your own keg. Getting a beer drafted from your own crispy cold beer keg, condense sticking to the outside of your glass. That's refreshing even if you only think about it. It sounds a lot better than drinking from a can or bottle.

Drafting like a Pro

If you want your beer filled keg to be the perfect temperature (and you should) then you want to keep it refrigerated at all times, your best option would be a beer keg refrigerator. Lets take a look at some of the options we have and what kind of price tag you could find on them.

A Haier Keg Refrigerator at only $650 you draft a cold beer like a pro. The Haier has a Sankey tap system, adjustable thermostat and automatic defroster. Also included is a CO2 tank, separate hoses for beer and air.

If you have $1,000 lying around you there is this stainless steel, fingerprint-proof one-tap home beer keg refrigerator. Perfect for half or quarter kegs. It has a chrome tapping tower, drip tray, a single gauge regulator and many more options just perfect for that icy cold draft beer.

When you are more leaning toward a commercial quality type unit then you should be prepared to pay towards $3,700. For that money you can get a top of the line stainless steel outdoor kegerator. This beast is perfect if you like throwing parties on your patio. This beautiful refrigerator has a stainless steel finish and some sturdy casters which make moving the kegerator around very easy. You will also get 2 tower bars, 3 outside storage shelves, magnetic locking doors and an ice storage compartment. That's what they mean with commercial quality.

Drafting like a pro, for less money

If you don't have $650 plus lying around then a non-refrigerated ball lock beer keg is better suited for you. You will have a choice between a three or a five gallon beer keg. If you want to save some more money you could go for a used keg, those will you set you back from $25 to $50. Maybe it's better to save some more and go for a new beer keg at $125, this way you are certain that there won't be any transfer of flavors from someone else's beer that has been in a used keg.

Just make sure that your non-refrigerated keg is in a cool place like a basement. And while your out buying another beer keg think about any other supplies you may need while you at your local supply store. Things like hose clamps, ball lock connectors, thermometers, funnel, stopper, brushes, etc. etc.

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