Thirsty for beer originated in Sydney Australia

Thirsty for beer originated in Sydney Australia. This site came alive after 2 Aussie blokes had the THIRST cracked open a couple of cold ones and discussed their thought on making a site all about beer! This is just the beginning so brace your selves beer lovers your in for a treat!
Thats right people the antisipation of the high awaited Thirsty For is up and running. From here on in fresh beer news, jokes, girls, games, and much more beer related content will be uploaded for your satisfaction. Please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay intouch whilst your away from the site and recieve updated information about Thirsty For
There are different available like beer, australian beer, brewing, hops, Ale, lager, draught beer, bottles, cans, Beer history.
so just sit back relax, put your feet up and crack open a fresh beer and enjoy the wonderful world of thirsty for

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