Why Blond Beers Are So Popular

Blond beers are also known as gold ales and the color they have varies greatly. There are some whose color is a very pale straw like color and others it is golden blond. What you will notice with them all is that they are clear, crisp and dry, with a slightly bitter taste. Also although they do have some fruitiness to them this is not something that detracts from the beers aroma or taste.

These kinds of Belgian beers have a very high alcohol content compared to that of the more traditional kinds of pilsners being brewed in Belgium. Plus the ones we mention in this article have only been brewed since the 20th Century and yet are one of the most popular of all the Belgium beers one can now drink.

Of all the varieties of Blond beer now available the most well known of these is that produced by the Duvel Moortgat Brewery found back in 1871 and is in fact called "Duvel" (which in English means Devil).

This particular beer when first produced to commemorate the end of the First World War was named the Victory Ale. However, during the 1920's its name changed after an avid drinker of the beer described it as ?a real devil?. This was believed to be in reference to the alcohol content of the beer which is 8.5% and the name was then changed to what it is known as today.

This is considered to be the definitive version of what a Blond beer should be and is brewed by the Duvel Moortgat Brewery using pilsner malt, white sugar and Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. It is all of these ingredients which give this particular beer is very full and distinctive taste.

Leffe Blonde is another of these beers which is popular not only in Belgium but also in France. The taste again is very distinctive with a slight almond undertone to it and although the recipe goes back many centuries it was not commercially produced until the 20th Century. Originally the beer was brewed by the monks of Leffe Abbey until the commencement of the French Revolution, they then had to abandon the abbey and at this time the abbey brewery was destroyed.

Although the Canons returned to the Abbey in 1902 the brewery was not reinstated. But in 1952 the Monks provided their recipe to the Flemish based brewery Lootvoet situated in Overijse and production of the beer begun once more. Even though this particular beer is now brewed in the Stella Artois brewery in Leuven the Abbey still receives royalties from the beers sales as part of the partnership agreement set up in 1952.

As we previously mentioned at the beginning of this article there are many differences between traditional ales and beers and Blond beers. Not only is the alcohol content in them much higher a regular ale or beer has an alcohol content of around 4.5%, Blond beers also have a much richer color and flavor to them as well.

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A hugely popular type of blond beer is Trappist Beer which is made by Trappist Monks. As mentioned above Duvel Beer is another popular choice of brand which other brewers aspire to because of its excellent quality.