Why Try Beer Brewing At Home?

Have you ever tried some fancy imported, and very expensive, beer and thought to yourself that it just wasn't worth the money? Or been very disappointed when you crack open a bottle of your favorite brew as you realize that you're starting to get bored with the flavor? For those who want a little bit more from their beer tasting experience, it may be time to try beer brewing at home. This hobby is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for many, as it's easy, affordable, and allows you to adjust your recipes and mixtures to come up with a beer that's just perfect for you. If you're ready to try beer brewing at home, where do you begin?

The first thing you might want to do is purchase a kit that's especially made for beer brewing at home. While you can certainly use large buckets you may already have and you might know a little bit about how to ferment beer, these kits are great for the beginner who needs some guidance and who doesn't want to ruin their very first batch. Most of those who start out with beer brewing at home purchase kits that have some ingredients and instructions, so that you can see how a basic recipe is made. Once you're comfortable with a general beer brewing recipe, you can then scout around the internet for other recipes or suggestions on how to add flavor and zest to your beer. For example, many who try beer brewing at home find that adding some fruit to their beer gives it a really smooth but somewhat sweet taste. Imagine having a beer with a slight taste of raspberry to it; sounds good, doesn't it? Just adding a little bit of fruit juice or some mashed berries can really give your beer an amazing flavor.

There are those who try beer brewing at home that can experiment with the fermentation process itself, or with aging the beer after it's fermented. There is one famous brand of beer that claims that it is "beechwood aged," meaning that it sits in wood casks or barrels for some time. While it may be difficult to purchase these large casks for your own small beer brewing at home hobby, you can find some at your equipment retailer for a relatively affordable price. Allowing your beer to age in these wood barrels gives it a crisper taste.

Being able to adjust the sweetness and dryness of your beer, and add whatever ingredients you can imagine is probably the most fun part of beer brewing at home. Like a baker or chef that just can't wait to try out a new recipe or loves to add just a few personal touches, beer brewing at home is not just science but art as well. And once you find that amazing recipe or mix that suits your taste perfectly, you may actually realize that you've lost your taste for store bought beer altogether!

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