Acai Berry Juice Has Many Benefits

Acai berry juice is a new type of juice on the market but is very popular nowadays. The acai berry juice is made of juice extracted from the acai berry which is a fruit of an acai tree, a palm tree. An acai berry juice can have a large amount of acai in it or can have a little. Some acai berry juice are mixed with other fruits such as bananas, apples, or strawberries.

The health benefits of the acai berry juice makes it the highlight of many news articles and TV shows. In a best selling book by author, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the acai berry is named the number one superfood. This small, round, dark purple berry is supposed to be healthier than any other food in the world.

There are many brands of acai berry juice and some brands are better than others. If the health benefit is your number one concern, you need to look into how much acai there is in the acai berry juice that you are interested in and what is the process they use to put acai in the acai berry juice. The acai fruit has a very short life. Once picked, it spoils very quickly so transporting it and using need to be fast and with extreme care.

The first health benefit of the acai berry juice that many people notice is its antioxidant property. The acai berry is, according to some research, the best natural antioxidant in the world. By drinking acai berry juice regularly, you are providing your body with strong antioxidants that the body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Drinking the acai berry juice also provide you with anthocyanins more than drinking red wine. The acai berry is supposed to contain 33 times the anthocyanins of red wine and grapes. Anthocyanins help inflammatory problems and it is because of the presence of anthocyanins that the acai berry is deep purple.

If you drink lots of good acai berry juice, you will be supplying your body with enough essential fatty acids and omegas without having to take extra pills for supplements. People are more aware nowadays that they need omegas and essential fatty acids to help their body fight high cholesterol. With essential fatty acids and omegas, the body can lower LDL cholesterol as well as maintain HDL cholesterol levels.

Since the acai berry juice is very healthy, it is a great addition to one's diet daily. However, beware that not all acai berry juice are made equal. Some acai berry juice add too much sugar, for example, which can cause other problems. Before buying an acai berry juice, make sure that your body agrees with all the ingredients listed on the bottle of that acai berry juice.

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