Benefits of Distilled Water

Water is an essential part of our lives. We need to drink pure water if we want to live. While there are a number of sources for pure water, distilled water can be considered among the purest. There are a number of benefits of drinking distilled water, some of which are discussed below.

First of all, the benefit of drinking distilled water is that it is purified by the method which is closest to the nature's way of purification. Distillation of water emulates the natural method of water purification in a hydrological cycle. Distillation includes boiling of water and conversion to steam. A similar process is called the evaporation of water which occurs naturally. The steam is converted back to water which simulates condensation. When the water is boiled, it leaves almost all the dissolved impurities down in the boiling vessel. Thus, distilled water is just as pure as naturally evaporated water.

Secondly, the benefits of drinking distilled water are that it is water, just H2O, nothing else. Once water is heated to a boiling point and converted to steam, all the unwanted things that had been dissolved in water are left behind, Steam is trapped and directed to another point where it is condensed to turn into distilled water. This distilled water does not carry any impurities because steam didn???t come in contact with anything except clean pipes to direct it to a clean container. Special technologies are used in water distillers to make it ion free and free of any volatile organic contaminants.

Thirdly, distilled water tastes good. Modern water distillers generally come fitted with advanced technologies, which remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, harmful metals, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. This means that what you drink is water, it is plain and pure water which has been distilled to remove contaminants from it. You don???t get any foul taste.

Fourthly, distilled water does not contain chlorine. Chlorine is mixed into water in a number of water filtration plants to purify water. While chlorine does purify water, it continues to be dissolved in water. Regular drinking of water mixed with chlorine is damaging and leads to a number of health problems. Distilled water is free of chlorine because chlorine is left behind when water is boiled to steam.

Finally and most importantly, when used on large scale basis, distilled water can be used to contain and avoid the occurrence of any water borne disease.

With immunity disorders and diseases on the rise, it is important to keep your home free from any germs or contaminants by opting to use distilled water only.

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