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Fairfax, Virginia is one of the finest locations to live and work in the great state of Virginia. Whether you are moving to Fairfax, Virginia or if you already live or work there you will want to choose the best services in the area. Most offices and residences in Fairfax, Virginia have a need for bottled water delivery. Having pure water to drink is a very important need and you should closely examine the options offered by the local bottled water delivery companies in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

So what type of bottled water should you have delivered? As a first step, evaluate what type of bottled water each company offers to your office or residence in Fairfax, Virginia. Spring water and purified water are the two most typical types of water delivered. Choosing the right type of bottled water to have delivered is one of the most important decisions you can make and it is vital that understand the distinctions between spring water and purified water.

So what do you need to know about spring water? Spring water is derived from an underground source and then may or may not be filtered before it is bottled. One of the problems with spring water is that you never really know what you are getting. In some cases it could be relatively pure or it could have any number of undesirable contaminants in it. It really is the wild card of the bottled water world. Depending on the level of filtering for spring water many of the same impurities found in drilled wells or even tap water can also be in spring water.

Conversely, purified water represents the fastest growing sector of the bottled water industry because concerned water drinkers are now seeking the purest bottled water available. Purified water may originate from either a spring, surface or groundwater source or even directly from the tap. The rigorous purification process is designed to remove virtually all types of impurities so the quality of the source water has little bearing on the quality of the final product. To meet the legal definition of "purified water", water impurities are removed or reduced to extremely low levels. Bottled water that meets this definition is of higher purity than spring water, tap water or filtered water. If you are looking for the best bottled water delivery in Fairfax, Virginia then you will want to find a local company that delivers purified bottled water.

Once you find a company that can deliver purified bottled water you should then determine what size water bottles you will need delivered to your Fairfax, Virginia location. The most popular and economical choice for water delivery is to receive water delivered in 5 gallon bottles and then to dispense the purified water through a water cooler. You should seek out a company that can provide 5 gallon water bottles with handles built into the bottles and spill free caps standard on all bottles. These features will make it much easier to load and unload the 5 gallon bottles on the water cooler and to eliminate the potential of spilling water.

The final recommendation for finding the best company for bottled water delivery in Fairfax, Virginia is to choose a company that offers great customer service. Having a bottled water company that quickly responds to your needs to change an order, request a rush delivery, re-schedule a delivery or ask a question is very important because they will not waste your time or cause you unnecessary stress. Finding a bottled water company that offers live, local customer support and real people on the phone can make a big difference in regards to your bottled water delivery satisfaction. Bottled water delivery for your home or office in Fairfax, Virginia should not be aggravating and the last thing you will want to do is waste time talking to someone in a distant call center or being bounced around an automated phone service.

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