Does All Milk Foam?

Yes, as long as there is protein present in the milk. All milk will foam: fully skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole fat, soya, goat milk etc. Steaming, which is forcing air bubbles into the milk, causes the protein to 'connect' with the air bubbles. This means that you can create as much foam as you like as long as there is protein left in the milk. It is advisable to use only fresh milk, that has not been steamed before, when you want to create foam.

You will get the most amount of foam from fully skimmed milk, this is because of the low fat percentage. However, you will not get such a rich foam as from whole milk. However, if your foaming technique is right than you should not really have any problem with any type of milk, as long as the milk is fresh. The fat percentage does not affect the taste so much but does give the foam more body.

Milk foams best when it is below 40 degress Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit.

Why does milk taste sweeter after heating?

Milk contains lactose and the solubility of lactose is increased when the temperature is increased which gives the milk more sweetness.

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