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Heck, You're Almost All Set For A Summer Reading Group! Now that the kids are out of school, the temperatures rising and the evening prime time programming is set to re-runs and oldies- it's time for you to begin a summer reading group. How is that you say? When things settle down a bit during summer, friends gather on patio's and lanai's for informal 'get-togethers', to drink their favorite drink and discuss their point of view on the latest book or best seller that they are reading. Doesn't one have to be a nerd or a bookworm to enjoy this? No, not at all! All you have to enjoy are the long, warm summer breezes along with good drink and good company. That's all that is needed for a reading group. It can be as few as a couple and as many as can fit comfortably on the patio or porch.

Now, let me tell you about a great way I came up with for you and your friends to start a summer reading group without any of the high cost of today's printed books! Yes, I am aware that $12.95-$24.95 each is average and a real stretch for some folks. No reason to not enjoy the true pleasures of a summer's reading group. A lot of people today spend countless hours in front of a computer. Some of that time is actually work related! For those free moments that one has for reading, can also be used to print out certain chapters for those in need like those without a computer and/or those who have a hard time getting used to reading on a monitor. So, in enters OLIN and our quality e-books regardless of your situation! Before we go any further, close your wallets at once! We wish to state that we do not want to charge you a single penny for your choice of our e-books for the purpose of forming a summer reading group! Yes, you understood me to say, zero cost. If you have been following my articles lately, you will know how angry I have been over the word 'free' meaning everything but free! I need not rehash all those emotions again, about the way certain companies are parsing words to mean everything other than what is at face value. All I will say is for you and your friends to browse around our site, decide as a group, what you wish to read from our stock and then write me an e-mail explaining how many members are in your group, who the leader is; and if any of you have read many e-books or are e-books something new for you and your group.

Now because we are a for-profit company, we hope you understand that we can't afford to do this for too long a time, however for the next week or so, let's play! We also need to point out the enormous amount of free e-books we offer at our site that would also work great for a summer reading group. Especially some of the religious titles we offer for free. If you miss out on the for-sale title of choice, try another or look to our other freebies. Here are a few rules to follow in the formation of your group reading experience. I will limit my generosity to only one group per-for-sale-title and your group must, when finished reading and discussing/debating, write a group reader review for publishing at our site. That's it-fair enough, zero cost enough with only one easy to follow condition? OLIN gets the opportunity to show off it's quality e-books and you get to see what OLIN e-books and a summer reading group is all about!

One word of caution though, we strongly suggest that your group adopt the 'one-word-safe-rule'. Because the purpose of doing this is for you to enjoy reading and the discussing of different views, we don't want this to turn out a bad experience by having fights and hurt feelings. Therefore we suggest that your group have the 'one-word-safe-rule'. To do so is very easy if set up first before anything else and all must agree! As a group you agree on a safe-word, whatever you can come up with will be fine. The reason to do this is not to come up with some clever word but rather to agree on one word that anyone can say at anytime to stop all discussions completely when things are beginning to get out of hand! So when someone begins to sense that hurt feelings are being created or someone is getting too forceful with their opinion, one or more or the group member's interrupts' with the safe word and everyone must stop all discussions of the book at once. This doesn't mean that everyone must go home immediately, no, it is better if everyone stay together for a bit, talking about 'normal' things such as the kids or this brand of red wine etc.; just not discussing your book for the remainder of the night, once the safe-word has been used. We truly want this is to be a thoroughly enjoyable activity without a chance of hurt feelings with the neighbors that could last a lifetime! OLIN will be giving away a lot of potential money to do this project and would hate to be known as the source of any bad relations! Don't allow your group to fight and fuss, discuss and understand different points of views; especially if you choose one of our religious topics. Remember it is not wrong or a sin to completely understand another's point of view even if it seems opposite to your views! Let's have fun and spend the rest of our long summer nights with our drink and e-book group of choice in complete comfort and ease without any fear of the unpleasant.

There is no set time limit per se for this experience. You may have set times for the group to meet and to break for the night, due to work and/or other schedules. However, there are no time limits on this activity from our point of view. Don't rush it and don't worry about finishing at some predetermined time or point. Let it play out and spend as long as you and the group wishes to read and discuss. The only exception to this is that I would like to have your written reviews for publishing sometime during the 'dog days of summer', around the end of August, now that should give you plenty of time so... What are you waiting for? Get your group together and first pick out what you will read by visiting the e-bookstore and then establish your safe-word for the group!

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