Drugs Found In Us Drinking Water?

We have lead, cancer causing chemicals and drugs in our drinking water. The number and variety of different drugs found in US drinking water is astounding. We have to take personal steps to protect ourselves, our families and the environment. It's the only thing to do.

It's not just people that are at risk. The drugs in our drinking water are also found in rivers, lakes and our oceans. Sharks test positive for chemicals, Prozac, Zoloft and Lipitor, particularly those that live in brackish rivers off the Gulf Coast.

Scientists are still studying the effects that the drugs found in US drinking water will have on the sharks, but they have already seen what they do to fish swimming in the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. Some of them have mutated to the point that they cannot reproduce.

You see, one of the most common drugs in our drinking water is estradiol, one of the active hormones in birth control pills. Due to exposure to this female hormone, what would normally be a male fish is born with eggs, rather than sperm, inside his testes.

You might not care about the fish. You might only care about yourself, but you have to realize that people eat fish. If a contaminant is in the fish, it is in the human population, as well.

You also have to think about future generations. We need to learn how to safely dispose of prescription medications and sewage treatment facilities need to use better filtration steps, before they dump the treated waters back into our rivers and oceans.

We are the source of drugs in our drinking water. It is common practice in hospitals around the country to flush expired medications. It is the step that pharmaceutical companies recommend.

When we take medicine, all of it is not metabolized by our bodies. Some is excreted through waste products and flushed down the toilet. Outdated treatment facilities that don't use the proper techniques are one source of the drugs found in US drinking water.

We can protect ourselves from the drugs in our drinking water by using a "point-of-use" or in-home filtration device. The system should include activated carbon, carbon blocks and submicron filtration in order to remove all of the drugs found in US drinking water.

Depending on where you live and how old your house is, you may also be exposed to lead. The metal was commonly used in pipelines and at solder joints, until recently. There is some concern that all plumbers may not have heeded the ban and continue to use lead solder.

As our waters travel through the pipes, they absorb the lead. It is truly a greater health threat than the drugs in our drinking water, because there is no safe level of consumption. In order to remove the treat, you need a purification system with an ion exchange step.

Researchers are still studying the human health risks that accompany the drugs found in US drinking water. They have seen that the medications hamper the growth of healthy cells and increase the growth of cancerous tumors.

So, already, we know that the drugs in our drinking water are not "safe", no matter what the facilities may try to tell us. They told us that chlorine was safe and now we know that was untrue. Don't wait for the latest results, protect your family today.

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