Energy Drinks. Do They Really Work?

There has always been some drink or another that allegedly gives us that much needed zap of energy just when we need it most, but do they really do what they claim to do? If you read the label on the side of an energy sports drink it will tell you how it can be very beneficial for the athletes and enthusiasts who are involved in sporting activities. But what do they mean by these claims? Are we supposed to wait for a kind of Popeye and Spinach type of reaction, or do they merely quench our thirst and therefore make us feel better able to carry on?

Tempted by the claims, I laid aside my usual bottle of bog standard drinking water one day and purchased the Stinger energy drink. and I have to be honest, it was extremely disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it was refreshing and pleasant tasting, but it didn't make me any less tired after my workout at the gym, and it certainly didn't tap into some kind of latent energy which had me jumping back onto the treadmill moments later.

I think where the energy drinks are particularly useful is that they contain the ingredients that quickly rehydrate a dehydrated body. Water does the same but you need more of it. But as for noticing a boost in stamina or untiring tired muscles, I didn't see any improvement at all, and I've since tried a number of products since Stinger.

I don't think we're being conned by these energy drinks so much as mislead. It's very important to rehydrate after a physical workout, or better still to maintain rehydration while working out by periodically drinking water or other healthy beverages, but produce supermen and woman after a couple of swigs they do not!

But I'm just a customer and a fitness fanatic that has given my personal views on these new-age energy drinks. But it appears that a lot of folks are disagreeing with me on this as the promotion on the efficacy of the energy drink is increasing as the demand for trendy new flavours, fancy bottles, and catchy names is in great demand by those who buy into it. In fact, the energy drinks hitting the markets today seem to be somewhat of a sports fashion accessory.

Some of the popular names around at the moment are: Rockstar Energy Drink; Monster; Bookoo; sugar-free Red Bull; Crunk Juice energy drink; Choline Cocktail; and the Rip It beverage to name but a few.

Personally, my brother is one of the fittest people I know and he doesn't touch any of them. At 36 years old, he's in perfect shape, has great skin complexion, and is a model for healthy living, and that doesn't include any new fangled drinks, which, by the way, we all just did fine and dandy without for generations.

However, just because I think I'm right, doesn't mean I am. My take on Energy drinks is just my own personal opinion based on observation and testing. To find out if the new energy drinks are right for you, you'll have to put down your water for a while and see for yourself.

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