Enjoy drinking and playing at the same time

People can be really resourceful when it comes to having fun. Imagine this; you can enjoy drinking delicious shots at the bars while also playing. How's that? There are different set of drinking games or games played that includes drinking of alcoholic beverages. Each game has its own rule and consequences to face if you lost the game.

The most popular drinking games are as follows; Circle of death drinking game, Ricochet drinking game, Drunken Jenga drinking game, Indian Poker drinking game, beer hunter drinking game, 7/11 doubles drinking game, Horse Race drinking game, Anchor Man drinking game, Drunken checkers drinking game and Drunken risk drinking game.

Now, when you go to bars, you will not only enjoy the delicious mixed drinks that they offer, you can also play different games using your special mixed drinks. You can enjoy this with your loves ones and group of friends. There are many sites that offer different set of drinking games. You can follow the rules there and instructions.

Aside from that, you can also make your own drinking games set of rules or simply your own game. There are also websites where you can contribute your own drinking games. The good thing about this is you can discover the creativity with in you.

So, instead of getting yourselves drunk, why don't you play games while drinking your favorite mixed recipe shots? Enjoy drinking and playing at the same time and discover something great and new with drinking games. http://www.drinkinggames.com

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