Good Water Purifiers For Camping Trips

If you have chosen camping as your vacation, you will leave the comforts of home and spend the majority of your time outdoors. You will live a far simpler life at the campground, but this simple life does not mean you must forego all "comforts" of your day-to-day life at home. You do not have to drink from a nearby stream or catch fish to eat.

There is some modern technology and inventions that you should take advantage of when it comes to camping. One such item is a water purifier, a good idea for any camping trip and one of the most important items you to bring.

Camping water purifiers are important to help ensure your water is clean and safe to drink. Using a purifier daily will help prevent you from being at risk for bugs, water-borne diseases or other harmful bacteria. Many models are available from which to choose. Doing a little research before purchasing a water purifier for your trip is a good idea, but here is some information to get you started.

The simplest type of water purifier for camping is the UV model which uses ultra-violet light to destroy any harmful bacteria that may be in the water. The UV model is a good selection for occasional campers. However, because the UV model does not last long, anyone camping regularly would be wise to invest in a more advanced model purifier. Others use iodine or activate carbon to eliminate unwanted bacteria and purify the water.

Camping water purifiers can significantly vary in size. For instance, there are larger models available to keep in your tent or trailer which is a good option when you are staying in one place or at one campground throughout the trip. Or, there are also personal drinking bottles you could choose which is useful during a day trip, while hiking or even traveling to different campsites.

Personal camping purifier water bottles allow you to hike without worrying about running out of water. You can fill your bottle with water from a nearby natural water source, such as a stream, and let the bottle purify the water so it is safe to drink.

Gravity fed water purifiers are similar to the water filters many use in their home. While camping, you can fill the purifier unit with water from a stream or lake, after which the water drips through to the bottom at which point it is safe to drink.

Water purifiers may not be something you first think of when preparing for a camping trip, but it is definitely one of the more essential items you should bring. Natural sources of water may be "natural" but can still contain bacteria and other potentially harmful toxins. Place a camping water purifier at the top of your list of camping supplies to purchase. It is better to be safe knowing that you are drinking clean water.

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