Health Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

Acai berry juice is the juice of the acai berry fruit. Pure acai berry juice has a large percentage of actual berry in it. However, most acai berry juice only has a small percentage of acai berry in it. The rest is made up of other fruits such as banana, apple, orange, strawberry or raspberry.

If you were to list the health benefits of the acai berry, you will be spending a long time. The acai berry is very healthy. Many people say it is the healthiest fruit in the world. Dr. Nicholas Perricone in his best selling books, mentioned acai and called it the number one superfood. Acai is supposed to be healthier than blueberry, onions or leak, for example.

There are many brands of acai berry juice and some brands are better than others. If the health benefit is your number one concern, you need to look into how much acai there is in the acai berry juice that you are interested in and what is the process they use to put acai in the acai berry juice. The acai fruit has a very short life. Once picked, it spoils very quickly so transporting it and using need to be fast and with extreme care.

Most people know that the acai berry is a very strong antioxidant. Some research even claims that the acai berry is the strongest antioxidant around. By drinking good acai berry juice, you can be sure that the body gets enough antioxidants to remain healthy and strong.

Anthocyanins are another important reason why the acai berry and the acai berry juice are so popular for health. The acai berry is suppose to contain more anthocyanins, about 33 times more, than red wine or grapes. Anthocyanins are great for reducing inflammation and making the body healthier.

If you drink lots of good acai berry juice, you will be supplying your body with enough essential fatty acids and omegas without having to take extra pills for supplements. People are more aware nowadays that they need omegas and essential fatty acids to help their body fight high cholesterol. With essential fatty acids and omegas, the body can lower LDL cholesterol as well as maintain HDL cholesterol levels.

The health benefits of the acai berry are lengthy and drinking acai berry juice is a good start in taking advantage of the benefits of the acai berry. However, before you buy the first acai berry juice you see on the shelf at your local supermarket, make sure you read the label. Some acai berry juice contains very little acai and should not even be marketed as an acai berry juice.

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