Is it Legal to Buy and Drink Absinthe?

Welcome to the world of crazy laws if you are considering buying absinthe online and having it shipped top you. The fact if the mater is that it is 100% legal for you to buy and drink absinthe and to provide it for your friends as well, so order up and drink up all that you want. But wait a minute!! Isn't it illegal and thats why it can't be purchased at the local liquor store??Yes it is illegal for the liquor store to sell it but that is all.

When the crazy law that prohibits the sale of absinthe "in the U.S." was written it was written only to protect domestic liquor producers from what they considered to be unfair competition from a liquor that had far superior and more preferable "intoxicating effects". Domestic liquor producers just didn't want people selling the stuff, because they couldn't produce it in the U.S where there is no supply of wormwood.

Why not outlaw the import and drinking of absinthe as well to make doubly sure that people would have to drink domestic product when the gathered with friends to toss a few back? Banning the import and consumption of liquor in the U.S. is a touchy subject for liquor producers and they havn't forgotten prohibition. This is why they made sure that the law was enacted and worded the way that it was.

So, as long as your not selling your absinthe you have absolutely nothing to worry about and it will pass through customs inspections unimpeded. So, order up and drink up but remember that absinthe can be as much as 160 proof, so make sure you or none of your friends drive after they have enjoyed their drinks of absinthe.

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