Mineral Water Benefits - Shop Carefully or You May Be Had

When it is stabilized, mineral water benefits the body in a lot of areas. But some mineral revitalization water purification systems that have just been added to the market are very costly. In addition, what they claim to do and how they do it is almost absurd.

For drinking, mineral water benefits the digestive system and helps to balance electrolytes. But, the amount of minerals present varies, so you have to be sure that you are not getting too much of one element or another.

For example, some bottling companies use ion exchange for purification and increase the manganese content of their products. Manganese is not normally present in large quantities and while it is necessary for human health, the daily requirement is very low. Most people get more than enough from the food that they eat.

The US RDA suggests that drinking liquids fortified with manganese could cause kidney and liver dysfunction, since those are the organs in which the element is stored. Just use some caution. If you are not sure about the toxicity of elements or minerals, look it up before you supplement.

Bottling operations aren't the only ones making an error. Mineral revitalization water purification systems do something that's almost the same. Using something known as reverse osmosis to purify, they take out almost all trace elements and minerals. After that, they add to the water's qualities by running it over specially selected stones. They say this makes the water better, but it depends on your viewpoint.

Various companies use rare Japanese rocks. These are said to "imbue" the waters with wholesome properties. They say that this method enhances the mineral water benefits you get naturally. Without a lot of proof from research, they claim that their products fight fungi and bacteria.

Other units that are sometimes referred to as mineral revitalization water purification systems remove ions of copper and lead that are nearly always present due to the pipes that it runs through. They use ion exchange to replace them with potassium and sodium. Traces of those two electrolytes improve both the quality and the taste.

It's not certain if people get mineral water benefits when they shower. A number of mineral revitalization water purification systems declare that washing up in waters that have been treated by their devices is therapeutic for a lot of health conditions.

While bathing or showering in filtered water is more pleasant and healthier than using unfiltered, you don't need to spend a fortune on filtration devices that will remove common chemical contaminants. Chlorine dries the skin and hair. Whenever chlorination is used for disinfection, byproducts called THMs are created.

THM exposure causes cancer and problems during pregnancy. They become airborne in the shower and can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. So, showerhead filters are a good idea, but you can get effective mineral revitalization water purification systems, for much less than you would pay for either RO or the Japanese rocks.

To sequester THMs and stop the threat, the only process you must have is something known as adsorption. Carbon granules are required to remove chlorine. A sub micron multi media block will get rid of parasitic cysts, which cause disease if ingested, and other toxic chemical contaminants. As described above, ion exchange removes lead, replacing it with beneficial minerals.

You can have mineral water benefits at a reasonable price and without buying a bottle. You just have to shop for the right system.

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