The Laws To Safe Drinking Water

Most Americans can sleep easier at night knowing that in the morning they can get up and put on a fresh pot of coffee from tap water, and not have to worry that they may become ill from the source liquid. Safe drinking water may be something you take for granted but some countries do not have that luxury.

They live in areas where safe fluid is not to be found and have no other choice but to drink contaminated liquid. You can thank the laws of the Environmental Protection Agency for drinking fluid that is safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency was formed to protect the environment. This includes the fluid which ensures life. You should know that there really is no such thing as pure liquid. All water contains trace elements such as minerals.

It is one of the huge selling points of the bottled water industry. Water purifiers do take out a lot of impurities but you should know how safe your drinking fluid is and about the laws that regulate drinking water standards.

The National Primary Drinking Water Regulation, part of the Safe Drinking Water Act set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, includes laws to ensure the American public that their drinking fluid is safe from pollutants and other contaminants that might compromise their source liquid. This act is punishable by stiff fines and even jail time for areas that refuse to take the necessary steps to provide safe water.

The second part of the SDWA is called the National Secondary Drinking Water Regulation, NSDWR, and is non-enforceable. It is primarily concerned with how the liquid looks, tastes and how it smells. But as long as the fluid is safe to drink it does not matter how horrible it tastes. Thankfully, they do make recommendations as to the quality of the liquid and most people take it as seriously as the Primary Regulation.

Safe drinking water from your tap is not impossible. With the enforcement of laws and regulations it is just as safe as the stuff put out by the bottled liquid industry.

Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping reduce landfill areas by using less plastic bottles. Should you feel like a little boost of flavor there are packets you can add to get calorie free, flavored fluid.

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