The Super-Nutrition of Non-Dairy Milk

Whatever you may think about cow's milk, there's no denying that non-dairy milk is absolutely delicious. If you have never tasted the cool, creamy, nutty flavour of, say, almond milk you're missing out in life. One of my favourites is coconut milk - it's non-fattening, it keeps well in the fridge, it can be used as a compliment to any food just like regular milk, and it is so delicious that once tasted you will always want it.

Non-dairy milk can be made from nuts, seeds, grains, and soybeans. Once made, the milk can be stored in the fridge just like regular milk, or it can be frozen for future use.

Making non-dairy milk is very simple and quick, and you do not need special milk-making equipment. All you need is a regular blender (liquidizer). If you have the ingredients available, you can make non-dairy milk in less than ten minutes.

One of the main benefits of making non-dairy milk is that the ingredients can be stored at home almost indefinitely since the ingredients can be frozen without affecting the quality of the milk or the nutritional value. Consequently, you can make milk at home whenever you run low, plus you will save money compared to the cost of buying milk.

The biggest benefit of non-dairy milk has to be the health aspect. Pasteurized dairy milk is full of unhealthy things such as saturated fats, harmful galactose, cancer-causing hormones and mucus-forming casein, all of which cause illness in a variety of ways.

People who switch from dairy to non-dairy milk begin to feel much better after just a few days. You benefit by avoiding the harm caused by dairy milk, and you benefit by enjoying the super-healthy nutrition of non-dairy milk.

Non-dairy milk is made from natural plant-based ingredients and is super nutritious. It is far superior to cow's milk in terms of nutrition - it is packed with health promoting oils and enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibre, plant sterols that beat cholesterol, and many other healthy nutrients. You simply can't go wrong with non-dairy milk, whatever your state of health, diet, culture, or lifestyle.

But don't limit yourself to just soy milk and rice milk which you can buy in supermarkets. By making your own milk from ingredients that are easy and cheap to buy anywhere, you will enjoy wonderful new flavours and much improved nutrition.

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Here is a great free recipe showing how to make Brazil Nut & Sesame Milk. This non-dairy milk is truly delicious and super-nutritious, and you can store the ingredients at home almost indefinitely if frozen.