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Being a coffee snob myself and being able to smell the difference and taste the differences in coffees, I have started to write more about the Africa Private Estates Coffees. They have a special place in COFFEEDOM. A full flavor unmatched by any on the market. Well, here is the story behind them.

If you ever have the pleasure of tasting the fine coffees of Africa, you will notice a difference right away. You will see, taste and smell the difference between these fine African coffees and other brands. Each African bean is raised in a pesticide and chemical free environment. The shady atmospheres where these high quality beans grow provide an environment where the coffee plants prosper and flourish while gathering up nutrients from the rich volcanic soil.

The Tanzanian Kilimanjaro coffee is a pure delight to the tastebuds. With a light wine aroma, this velvety rich deep and dark coffee will send your imagination soaring with hints of black currant highlighted with a splash of caramel. This Tanzanian creation is perfect paired up with dark chocolate or chocolate flavored muffins or croissants.

The Uganda Burgiso is a fruity coffee with a highlight of blackberry. A tad sweet with a strong earthy undertone, this coffee is a delight to have during a late afternoon get together with friends, paired up with sweet treats such as sugar cookies or flaky pastries. The Uganda is a delight to all of the senses and is best when served hot. Allowing the steam to penetrate the senses creates a wonderment that will relax the body and also the mind.

If you are looking for an exotic coffee with a wealth of flair and personality, the Ethiopian Sidamo will enliven any occasion, no matter what it is. A hint of lemon and jasmine, this coffee will spread happiness wherever it shows up. With its essence of wine flavor and dried peach side tones, this coffee is perfect all by itself or with a light flavorful meal.

For those long days when you want the warmth of coffee sliding across your palette, the African Decaf will give you that subtle treat your body craves to unwind from the stresses of the day. Gentle on the stomach and soothing to the senses, this coffee is perfect for sipping next to a fireplace in your favorite chair.

Explore the hidden secrets of the finest coffee of the world and indulge in a treat that is well deserved any time, any place.

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