Arabica and Robusta- Two of the finest coffee pod varieties

Arabica and Robusta are two of the finest coffee pod varieties that are cherished by millions of coffee lovers all over the world. These are the two distinctive varieties of coffee pods that are known for their excellent taste and fragrance. These coffee pods are commercially grown in several coffee plantations spread across the world. However, these two beans are entirely different of each other in the way they are grown as well as some economic differences.

Here are some of the differences that make each of the unique and special
Taste: Arabica has a wide ranging taste depending on the regions and climate where they are plucked and harvested. Typically these beans are excellent in taste with them varying from sweet soft to sharp and fruity. Green beans smell like blueberries, while roasted beans has a distinctive fruity smell with a sugary intonation. On the other hand, Robusta taste ranges from neutral to very harsh and more often the taste is similar to that of a grain like oatmeal. Un-roasted Robusta is quite strange with its smell centering on the smell of raw peanut.

Farming conditions: Arabica coffee variety is a delicate variety that requires very cool subtropical climate to provide the most desirable pods. The plantations where these coffees are grown are rich in moisture with the soil being rich and fertile. These coffees are extremely prone to varying weather conditions, particularly very vulnerable to extreme cold and inferior handling conditions. Most of the Arabica plantations are situated above 600 meters in the hilly regions. On the other hand, Robusta is a coffee variety that is hardier in nature and capable of growing ion low altitude plantations. Robusta coffee pods are grown in trees that are less prone to diseases and insects. The overall yield is very high compared to Arabica and the cost of cultivation is also quite lower.

Economics of Production: The vest coffee pods have been considered to be Arabica pods and the highest quality coffee pod blends are pure Arabica blends. These coffee pods are also the costliest of all coffee beans. In the countries of Europe and North America, Arabica is usually found in coffee shops, while Robusta is found sold in super market cans. Italian espresso coffee is a pure blend of Arabica coffee pods, while Cappuccino variety is a blend of several coffee pods like Arabica sourced from several regions of the world.

Robusta coffee pods generally contain twice the amount of caffeine and this might be a big issue with health authorities. Though Arabica is grown in about 70% of the plantations, experts still believe that Robusta has a distinctively different taste that is quite unique to them.

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