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Austin is full of originals from people to music to landmarks, this town has a personality all its own. Some things are bound to come and go. With any growing city, turnover is common in business (particularly locally-owned and operated establishments), but some businesses manage not only to survive, they thrive. Kerby Lane Cafe is one of these Austin originals that has beaten the odds and firmly established itself as a culinary landmark in the Live Music Capitol of the World.

No matter what time of day you find yourself hungry in Austin, Texas, you can find a healthy, delicious meal at the Kerby Lane Cafe. Founded in 1980 by a pair of Austinites dedicated to fresh food and affordable prices, Kerby Lane Cafe has come to be a true Austin staple, catering to patrons from all walks of life. The 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week schedule and reasonable prices are sure to draw in the late-night college crowd from local Universities in Austin, but you'll find a full house most any time of day or night at any of the restaurant's four locations around Austin.

What makes Kerby Lane Cafe such a popular spot? With literally hundreds of unique, affordable dining options around Austin, what is it about Kerby Lane Cafe that keeps people coming back again and again? For one, it offers affordable fare. With entrees ranging from $7-$13, Kerby Lane Cafe makes it easy to eat well, without overspending. For another thing, the restaurant's commitment to using produce and products produced locally helps promote other local businesses which is a big plus to many Austinites. Their green approach to business and extensive community involvement are also big selling points for many local regulars.

But the most convincing reason has to be the food. From award winning pancakes (you can even buy their pancake mix online or in local grocery stores around town) and creative seasonal menus to delicious pastas and satisfying sandwiches, Kerby Lane Cafe truly offers something for everyone. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or a regular old carnivore, Kerby Lane Cafe aims to please. Texas staples like queso (melted cheese dip) and chicken tortilla soup come together with homemade red pepper hummus, middle-eastern inspired salads, fresh fish dishes and many more unique offerings to create an eclectic menu full of flavor and personality. The 24-hour breakfast menu is a sure bet, with delicious Texas staples like migas and biscuits and gravy, and French toast made with thick-cut Texas toast.

Kerby Lane Cafe is well known for its originals, too sweet potato fries, gingerbread pancakes and their signature hippy burger are all local favorites. Plus, their creative seasonal menus keep things changing, bringing the freshest, best produce and products of the season directly to the table. The full bakery on-site churns out cobblers, cheesecakes and other delicious desserts daily from old fashioned gingerbread to silken mocha tofu cake further increasing the restaurant's versatility and appeal. No matter what you're craving, and no matter when you're craving it, Kerby Lane Cake is sure to satisfy.

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