Black Coffee The Best Drink Ever

Coffee lovers all over the world would fully agree with this one statement. Even though there are so many very popular beverages such as beer, wine, tea, none would be able to come even close to its reputation.

Is Black Coffee Really So Good?

The question asked here is wrong; it should have read 'what is not excellent about it?'. What indeed? Everything relative to this beverage is sinfully sensual - its rich taste, its flavor, its smell - everything. Besides, every time you have a cup of coffee you would immediately feel on the top of the world. Most coffee lovers with agree with me on this too. That is why a lot of people like to start their day with a cup of coffee and another one to boost up their energy in the afternoon.

If you are a coffee lover you would wholly agree with me when I say that coffee is one of the best stimulants and mood elevators than other type of stimulants ever known to humankind that does not fall under the category of harmful or illegal drugs. Yes, there is caffeine in it, who doesn't know that?- but then you have caffeine in tea and other drinks as well but you would never be as satisfied substituting a steaming cup of coffee with that of any type of tea or drinks. To those who are not coffee lovers may say that coffee is addictive, it can be but no one will be drinking more than a few cups a day.

You might not know this, but there are more than forty types of coffee producing plants out there out of which only two are highly used for the brew you are so used to- one is the Arabica and the other one is the Coffee Robusta with the former recognized as the better among the two.

The Right Way of Brewing

Coffee is a very simple drink but it is not that simple to make a perfect cup. Connoisseurs of coffee would be very appropriate with the way their coffee tastes and to get that perfect taste, smell and feel embodiment you need to know a few basic things about brewing the coffee.

First of all pay a lot of your attention to the water - it should taste good (when you drink it plain) and it should be cold when you put it in the pot or coffee maker. This will give the coffee a fresh and rich taste. Do not use soft water when you are making coffee as you will end up with a flat tasting brew.

Have your coffee maker free of any dirt and residue as this would heavily disagree with the taste of the coffee- not in a good way. Make sure you check the filters every day, as well as the mugs, and all the other parts of the machine because if anything has stale remains of coffee or dust, it would spoil the taste of your coffee. Now you can brew your own perfect cup of black Coffee.

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