Cappuccino - A Hot Cup Of Slavery?

Regular espresso beans are not necessarily produced in the same way as Fair Trade Coffee. This does not mean the quality is absolutely compromised. It means that the Fair Trade Coffee group ensures that the plantation workers who do the harvesting and bean organising get completely fair treatment.

Americans drink a lot of different types of coffees. Can you imagine a day without a good morning cup of sweet cappuccino? However, the majority of us have no comprehension how coffees are produced, even harvested or shipped. We just love drinking it, cup after cup. The Fair Trade Coffee group has information that all of us should know.

Unfair treatment of coffee plantation workers on the world’s plantations is common as they slave to gather up your beans. The Fair Trade Coffee organisations’ approves varieties that come from plantations that adhere to civilised workers’ rights. Certain conditions in the work environment and proper and fair payment are required.

This organisation helps locate top quality produce, provided by plantation workers who work under completely fair conditions. They focus on coffee workers’ economic and social justice. The coffee produced by plantations that mistreat their workers will not receive the coveted certification. This can affect their ability to sell coffee to the United States, one of the world’s biggest coffee consumers.

So many coffee workers are suffering horrendous conditions and for pitiful pay. Why should these plantations deserve to make a profit? The Fair Trade Coffee organisation helps you get the best-produced coffee under fair conditions through their strict certification. We won’t buy clothing made by sweatshops. Why should we do differently with coffee plantations?

If the Fair Trade Coffee organisation has dubbed a plantation as a field sweatshop, then we should avoid purchasing the beans that plantation makes. Even the farmers of smaller businesses can get a rough deal. Coffee companies buy their stock for minimal money and leave the farmer suffering desperation and poverty.

Thanks to Fair Trade Coffee, my husband and I reviewed the information and decided to follow our consciences when we bought our beans. We were please to locate many certified coffees at affordable prices.

I just got off the Fair Trade Coffee organisation’s website and bought 5lbs of a brand called Dean’s Bean. There is a minimal difference between its cost on the website and the stores, but we both knew that we were doing the just thing. Now our morning brew of espresso is much more enjoyable.

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