Cappuccino Makers And Home Machines Provide Lot Of Options

500 BC in Ethiopia, is what the most consistent histories put the discovery of the coffee plant although myths proliferate about it origin. The travelers got it to Arabia, a place where it obtained its name, after observing the stimulating effects of its berries.

All through, coffee has been credited with the miraculous health effects, of long centuries. However with almost every miracle, there are some facts underneath.

Mammalian sperm swims faster, farther and longer in coffee laced solution, is suggested by several studies. The basic assumption is that they are stimulated by caffeine. A Harvard study watched closely over 100,000 people for almost 20 years and suggested that reduction in diabetes and liver cirrhosis or decrease of asthma can be obtained by moderated use of coffee.

The antioxidants in coffee as in wine have been hyped for keeping the heart healthier, although debates rage whether the cons are overshadowed by the pros. Being diuretic, it encourages urination frequently. At times stimulation from caffeine may lead to lasting nerve degeneration, is a fact asserted by some. It can even lead to insomnia and is also a natural insecticide.

Coffee is going to stay here, whether it is good or bad or both! Even economics confirms that, coffee is the second commodity in dollar volume to oil in the market.

With over 400 billions of cups consumed annually, the black gold has gained its popularity all over the world whether it is traded on exchanges in New York, London, Lima or Hong Kong. The total retail sales hover around $9 billion yearly, although only 10-20% (depending on country) of adults drinking a cup or more of coffee in a day.

The figures become surprising, if you add to those figures the number of raw beans, grinders, roasters, brewers and cups bought for the home.

Though the rise in both specialty retail prices and basic commodity, the prospect of coffee looks brilliant. All over the world Starbucks, alone have more than 10,000 outlets.

Moreover specialty coffee shops are not the only option for great blends and style in the coffee. Even the home roasters and brewers can enjoy the espresso, which was invented in 1901, and has been gaining popularity since then. Home machines and cappuccino makers are now available with double shots, long shots or straight shots.

Now, just at the touch of few buttons Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and are all available. As variety can be added to wines easily, similarly just a dash of fruit, caramel or vanilla flavorings can make great flavored coffees.

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