Coffee And How It Is Enjoyed Throughout The World

There was a time in America when there was drip or instant, sugar or milk. The name of the game was Folger's. Soon enough, the world was brimful with choices including the Skybury from Australia to the Peaberry from kenya, from Barcelona to Kona. Thankfully there's plenty of variety in options of style, country and blend to make the biggest coffee aficionado become confused.

Brazil, of course has been the world's largest producer for more than a century now. A third of the countries land is suitable for coffee cultivation. Bahia and Minas Gerais produce some of the most aromatic blends from this South American country.

Though Colombia, is more famous it is second in volume and it is a sweet and light pleasure that comes in 'excelso' and 'supremo' flavors. Coffees made from Narino or Popayan are the best in quality.

Apart these two big names in coffee production theres a world of different flavors that have their own specific colors too, only adding to the exhaustive list.

Mexico retains its pride of place to better known South or Central American plantations. The variety of small beans grown here produce a soft body and light acidity, producing a mellow flavor and taste. Cuba, with its extremely strong cafe cubano - tastes like tequila competing with Spanish cousins in the shock.

As the fourth largest producer of good coffee, Indonesia is known for its mature coffees. The warm, damp climate churns out a drink with deep body and less acidity.

Not to be cowed by its more famous neighbor, Malaysia brews its coffee in a muslin bag, used to filter grounds, producing a strong cuppa. Though low on grade Liberica should be experienced.

The small Thailand also punches in with a blend touched with chicory served with condensed milk and ice, of course for the breed that enjoys its coffee not warm. Think of Mauna Loa and Kona is aromatic, sweet and having a medium body. On the other hand, Sumatra's Java is richly flavored. Kenya boasts of its beanya, cultivated at seventeen thousand feet high deep and smooth, and having a delicate aftertaste that beats all words!

The Europeans don't take second place to anybody. The cafe au lait - half and half milk and coffee concoction is a hot favorite in France. Austria still cherishes the two-thirds dark, one-third regular traditional Viennese blend for generations now.

In 1901 Thanks to Luigi Bezzera and later M. Cremonesi in 1938, Italian espressos are to die for. They contain less caffeine compared to others, you can have two and without feeling guilty. Those looking for something lighter, can try out the weaker cappuccino and latte.

For me though, the good old American black is the coffee, the whole coffee, and nothing but my coffee.

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