Coffee: Its Silent Role In Our Society

Whether you enjoy drinking coffee or not, the possibility is pretty good that there is coffee available nearbyâ€"at home, at work, and in every street corner, it really is everywhere. This shouldn’t be a surprise since coffee is the second most popular drink next to water and the second most widely used product next to oil. Indeed, coffee is a normal part of every sector in our society, and how significant that role is, is something we will soon figure out.

Coffee in Our Homes

Most people cannot imagine starting their day without having a cup of coffee. On the average, a day in a regular household is always started with a cup of coffee shared between couples or among the whole family. Drank together with one’s meal or while reading the morning paper, coffee is the first choice for a lot of people to relaxingly start their routines and get ready for the long day to come.

Coffee also stands witness to the many relationships that have been built. Lovers, friends, couples, teams, organizations, and the likes never miss a "cup of coffee" session every once in a while. The never-ending outburst of coffee shops in every street around the world is proof that more and more people feel comfortable staying in their premisesâ€"to talk, to cry, to laugh, to enjoy, to relax, to settle problems, or just while the time away. In short, coffee is evidently a means for people to feel comfortable to relate to others.

Coffee at Work

Regardless of the nature of the business they’re in, majority of business establishments has a coffee machine or a simple coffee corner within. Coffee is undoubtedly part of every important business gathering, whether it be amongst the company bigwigs or just between a couple of workers taking a break. Some workstations and office desks are even stamped with coffee marks with a big number of office workers unable to work without a cup of coffee close at hand. Other employees, such as those working in graveyard shifts, are even dependent on their caffeine rush to keep them awake.

Coffee and Health

Over the years, experts have debated over the effects coffee has on the human body. And almost always, those who were advocating that coffee is bad for the human health has always been on the winning sideâ€"until now. Recent researches and studies have proven that drinking coffee has positive health effects. Experts have now confirmed that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful. As opposed to results of previous studies, coffee has now been confirmed to:

Lower the risk of having a heart attack and developing diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, gallbladder stones, just to name a few

Offset the damages caused by vices such as heavy drinking and smoking

Manage asthma when medication is unavailable and minimize the likelihood of getting into depression

Boost one’s mood, stop headaches, and prevent cavities

Of course, all of these effects (and many more) come with the right doses of coffee intake.


The social function of coffee is clearly evident. Considered a social lubricant, coffee plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our social life. People do business with coffee, people communicate with coffee, people enjoy with coffee and people work with coffee. It is, therefore, safe to assume that people live with coffee.

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