Coffee Recipes: Irish Or Baileys Coffee

Did you know that Irish pubs are the most popular drinking establishments worldwide? They pop up in Tokyo, Edinburgh, London, Los Angeles they truly appeal to everybody. This may also explain the universal popularity of their signature drinks: the Irish Coffee and Baileys Coffee. Many stories abound about both drinks origins and who can claim their invention, but what remains is the undeniable fact that an Irish meal is not truly complete without one of these after-dinner treats. Follow these simple instructions to create your own special dessert coffee.

-Ground coffee of choice
-Cream liqueur of choice or whisky of choice
-Brown sugar
-Cream (NOT milk)

-Coffee maker
-Small mixing bowl

-Large, clear goblet glass or vase-shaped coffee mug (for the traditionalists, but any heat-resistant glass or mug will do)

Start your coffee maker with your ground coffee of choice. You can estimate how much you will need to make the same way you estimate how much coffee you make in the morning-read the lines along the side of the coffee pot and make at least one cup of coffee per finished drink you intend to make.

While the coffee is percolating, pour about 2 cups of cream into your small mixing bowl and whisk it for about 5 minutes by hand. You do not want it to whip, just to lighten up enough to sit frothily on top of the end product.

As the coffee finishes, quickly run your chosen glasses or mugs under the hottest possible water available. This step is not necessary but does add to the luxuriousness of the presentation. Add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to each glass or mug. Keep the tablespoon handy.

Once the coffee is ready, pour 2 parts coffee to 1 part cream liqueur or 1 part whiskey while leaving enough room for 1 part cream. If you use cream liqueur, you are making a Baileys Coffee. If you use whisky, you are making an Irish Coffee. The difference in the liqueur is the only difference between these two after-dinner drinks.

Your coffee is almost ready taste-wise but here is the trickiest part of the presentation. Make sure you have the cream you have been whisking nearby. Take that handy tablespoon and start mixing together the chosen liqueur, the coffee, and the brown sugar. Mix it fast enough so that you get a whirlpool within the glass. Before the whirlpool slows, turn your spoon face downwards towards the bottom of the glass so that the bottom of the spoon faces towards you. Touch the edge of the whirling liquid with the tip of the spoon and pour the whisked cream over the back of the spoon slowly. The whirlpool you have created will grab the cream and start swirling it around the glass. Make sure you pour slowly or the cream will sink despite all your whisking and you wont get that pretty froth on top.

Ta da! You now have your own personalized Baileys Coffee or Irish Coffee. Serve with biscuits if you choose.

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