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Fair trade coffee sometimes is misunderstood, but it is quite simple. Fair trade coffee is coffee that is produced differently. They still use the finest quality of coffees, but there is something special and unique about it. Fair trade coffee ensures that the people who are working in the coffee industry are treated fairly. The United States consumes an extremely large amount of coffee. It is important to think about the people around the world who are harvesting and producing the coffee. The coffee drinkers of the United States often only think about the price and place of their coffee and do not think about the production, harvest, and shipment of this fine product.

Many of the people who work within the coffee plantations are treated very poorly. The coffee that is labeled as Fair Trade has standards for the workers. There are very specific rights of the workers. The criteria and requirements of the workers are held to this standard and that the workers receive appropriate compensation. This organization has the objective of helping the coffee drinkers in the world to purchase and brew coffee where the working conditions are sufficient for the employees. The focus on the organization is to ensure that socially and economically, the coffee field employees are not being exploited.

Many coffee fields have long work days involving unfair conditions and for very little pay. Companies who treat their workers in this fashion should not be compensated by people buying their product. Fair Trade has a definite certification process and through the labeling of the products lets the rest of the world know that this coffee was harvested under the best conditions for the workers. It is the same as not purchasing clothing that was produced under sweatshop conditions.

Some of these coffee fields should be considered "sweat shops in the field." There are farmers who own small coffee plantations that are not treated fairly either. The companies tend to offer them little compensation for their coffee. This leaves the farmer being exploited. The farmers often end up in poverty. This is unfair to the farmers who have the desired product.

The people who love coffee should think twice before buying coffee that is not Fair Trade certified. Many people who find that they are looking into Fair Trade coffee have found that there are many suppliers with very reasonable prices. There are several Fair Trade coffee websites and one brand that is common is Dean's Bean which is a morning brew. The cost difference between ordering online and buying from the grocery store is minimal. It is a great feeling for the people who do purchase off of the websites that each is doing their part to support the Fair Trade coffee industry. It makes every cup of espresso or cappuccino more enjoyable knowing that you are doing something special for the workers in the world.

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