Coffee Varieties Means a World Wide Search

When it comes to coffee varieties there are endless numbers. Coffee variety can mean many different things, actually. A variety is based upon several factors, including the country where the bean was grown, the drying process, the roasting process and the type of grind. The greatest emphasis, though, is usually placed upon the country from where the beans came. Most people like to classify their coffee this way, so getting to understand each country and the variety they produce can be a helpful starting place when learning about coffee varieties.

Imported Varieties

Not long ago the only choice America had were their own beans. The country has since exploded with beans coming from all around the world. From Australia to Kenya to Barcelona, it seems ever region has their own special variety of bean. The world's largest producing country is Brazil. A third of this country is ideal growing grounds for beans, so its standing as the largest producer is no surprise.

The blends coming from this area are aromatic in nature, such as the Bahia and Minas Gerais blends. The next largest producer is Columbia. It may even be more well known as a producer than Brazil. Columbia produces sweet and light blends, like Popayan and Narino. Once we move past these well known producers we really get into a variety of blends. Mexico grows small beans which produce a mellow flavor with delicate body and a light flavor.

In Cuba is a strong flavor that is drank in shots, like liquor, and packs a powerful punch. Indonesia produces aged blends with deep body due to the warm and damp climate of the area. Malaysia uses a unique practice of brewing in muslin bags that produces a strong flavor, such as the Liberica. Thailand produces a chicory-tinged blend that is perfect as an iced coffee with a little cream. Mauna Loa produces a sweet blend that has a medium quality, called Kona. Kenya grows their beans at an astonishing 17,000 feet and produces blends with smooth and deep flavors that have a very unique, indescribable aftertaste. In Europe there is France where coffee is served light with cream. Austria has a mixed blend of two-thirds dark and one-third regular. Italy is the home of espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.

With so many varieties all around the world there is a coffee to suit every coffee lover. Something for everyone is the name of the game when it comes to blends around the world.

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