Cowboys, Beer and Coffee for Mexico

Mexico has the highest per capita beverage consumption, especially beer, in the world. Mexico is the world's tenth largest beer consumer. The beer market's growth is mainly driven by youth. It provides the greatest export opportunity to every US beverage company, both large and small. Mexico has great infrastructure (good roads and ports for shipment of products) and over 500,000 stores willing and capable to invest in new products, like functional drinks and sports drinks.

It is true that Mexico is a large-sized market for US products but US export levels are not essentially a measure of the Mexican craze for US drinks, as majority of the US beverages, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Squirt, Fanta, Orange and Crush are bottled in Mexico. Moreover, these companies enjoy easy access to market as they have their own well-settled channels for distribution.

According to RNCOS' recent report, "Food and Beverages Market: A Global Review (2006-2007)", the people comprising the age group 18-34 are the chief consumers of alcoholic drinks. Beer consumption accounts for around 94% of the sales by volume and would rise between 2005-2010 by over 10% (approx). Mexico stands fifth in world's coffee production. High-quality coffee and decaffeinated coffee are driving growth in coffee sales mainly through exports. So, the overall market should expect an overall growth. The report has its focus on the worldwide market and ten important countries in the food and beverage sector.

The research report also addresses the issues and facts that are critical to your success:

·Food and Beverage industry's performance till now and its future prospects
·Fastest growing in food and beverage industry
·Prospect growth of Food and Beverages in Different Countries
·Success factors associated with the industry
·Opportunities for Food and beverages in different countries
·Key Challenges to the industry

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