Delicious Kona Peaberry Coffee Will Not Disappoint

Whenever I have a friend traveling to Hawaii I insist they bring me back a bag of the famous Kona Peaberry Coffee. Kona coffee is known for its smooth and mellow yet full-bodied flavor, a very deep, rich bean producing a very aromatic cup of coffee. Kona's elevated location is perfect for growing the best beans. Its climate of sunny mornings, cloudy or rainy afternoons combine to make a superior coffee bean.

There are many brands of coffee sold in Hawaii, but only one that has been specifically marked "Kona Peaberry Coffee." Only coffee grown in a specific area of Kona can be called Peaberry and is graded "prime." It is one of the only beans in Hawaii that has received the grade of "prime" and is stamped that way on the package. Do not accept substitutions.

The Peaberry bean is less acidic than other coffee beans and, due to its unusual football shape, roasts differently producing a richer more robust taste. It is a very rare bean and is classified as "Extra Fancy." The Peaberry plant produces this abnormally shaped bean that accounts for only five percent of the coffee crop. Instead of the bean having a two sides, the Peaberry bean is one solid cylinder looking bean.

The best way to experience this bean is to brew the Kona Peaberry coffee in a French Press coffee pot. Melding together the best bean with best process of brewing to yield the smoothest and at the same time, boldest cup of coffee. The Peaberry bean can be sampled, thoroughly enjoying its robust flavor. It doesn't get much better than this!

Do not be ripped off by other Hawaiian blends claiming to be Kona Peaberry coffee. Only 100% Kona Peaberry Coffee can be labeled so. Much of the coffee labeled "Hawaiian" are blends of a variety of Hawaiian coffee beans roasted together. Some may be labeled "Estate" which means that the beans were purchased from several different Hawaiian coffee estates. They will not be the smooth, rich, prime grade Peaberry coffee.

It is well worth the extra cost to buy pure Kona Peaberry Coffee. You will not be disappointed.

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