Delicious Treats Of The Brew

Ah, the scent of fresh coffee in the morning is a ray of sunshine to the brew lovers. Convenient coffee makers and espresso machines greet us with heavenly aromas and flavors. Just grab something positive to read and get ready for a fantastic day!

Enticing gourmet coffee gift baskets give us precious moments to get the day straight before things get wild. Italian specialty cookies in the creative baskets give us delicious coffee dunking treats. Yum…that first cup sends a message to our brain that it is going to be a terrific day!

Lovers of the brew look for shops that sell their favorite gourmet coffee blends, flavors, decaf and instant to satisfy their tastes. We can get the gourmet brew hot or cold and have the options of adding flavors, creams, and spices, constituting a coffee lovers dream. The enticing gourmet coffee gift baskets add scrumptious Italian specialty cookies, pastries, chocolate stir spoons and more to increase an already delightful experience.

Gourmet coffee gift baskets are gift giving ideas for lovers of the brew. Gourmet flavored and straight lace coffees are added to creative baskets, along with an assortment of biscotti (Italian specialty cookies), pastries, caramels, and even bon bons. The delightful edible delights make special gifts for friend, family, co-workers and clients.

Have you ever wondered how to brew a delicious pot of coffee? Here are a couple of examples that may make you want to get up earlier, just to enjoy that fine cup of brew.

1. When brewing a pot of coffee, experts recommend two tablespoons of coffee for each six ounces of water. The coffee is best when brewed with filtered water and sipped immediately. Some say the coffee may be poured into a thermos and kept no longer than forty-five minutes for retaining the best flavor, while others recommend cowboy coffee or campfire coffee as being the best brew yet.

2. There are no special pots or gadget to use when brewing cowboy coffee. Start with cold water in a can or enameled coffeepot (one which can be placed on open flames of the fire or stove burner) and add one tablespoon of ground coffee for every cup of water. Bring the water to a boil and remove it from the heat, adding a splash of cold water to settle the coffee grounds. Let the coffee stand for a couple of minutes and enjoy the rich flavorful brew.

Being a coffee connoisseur goes back for centuries. People have enjoyed this deliciousness for almost as long as creative baskets have been around. In the Book of Exodus baby Moses was placed in a basket of rough bulrushes and floated down the Nile River by his mother.

In today’s world we still weave, mass manufacture, and use creative baskets for the giving of food gifts to friends and neighbors. Gourmet coffee gift baskets are one way to stay in touch with history. We wish our ancestor had had the opportunity to taste the gourmet flavors of today.

Your family and friends can enjoy a cup of joe, while relaxing and reminiscing about the historically fun times they have had with you. They would enjoy an enticing cup of morning brew in gourmet coffee gift baskets, while dunking their special treats in the hot steamy brew. This is one way to let your friends know they are going to have one fantastic day!

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