Do You Know The History Of Coffee

The true history of coffee is very hard to verify.

Legend has it that a sheepherder was the first to realize the effects of coffee while tending his sheep.

His sheep started to become very active after eating a mysterious berry from a plant.

He tried them himself, and felt the same effect.

It has been said that a monk told him to be careful as this berry was the fruit of the devil.

There is another rumor that monks did eat the devil's fruit to keep them awake during long prayer sessions.

Another story is that an Arabian man was given a sentence of banishment to the desert.

He tried boiling and eating an unknown plant.

He could survive in the harsh desert just by eating the plant.

The residents of a town close by felt the survival was a religious sign.

The mysterious plans was named Mocha, after the town.

It is said that the coffee plant was originally found only in Ethiopia.

Ethiopians wrapped it in animal fat and used it as food while on raids.

Coffee was later transported to Arabia, and the Arabians began to control the coffee market.

It was the Turkish people that were the first to drink coffee.

They added cinnamon and clove for a sweeter taste.

Coffee found its way to Europe via the Venetian trade merchants.

Soon after, coffee houses were built all over Europe.

In today's society, drinking coffee is enjoyed by people from all over the world.

With all of the flavors and blends of coffee to enjoy, I suggest you try a cup today!.

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