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Europeans and Americans drink coffee like it is going out of style. Coffee is a popular social tool that has been around since any of us can remember. The popularity growth in coffee consumption has prompted many growers to experiment with how they grow coffee, especially in recent years when it has been proven that fertilizer does more harm than good. Organic coffee is on the horizon for them now.

Organic coffee - what is it exactly? This is coffee that is grown without using enhancement chemicals. It has been done that way since time before chemical companies intruded. Farmers plant the seeds, irrigate the roots and let the sun do the rest.

The Department of Agriculture has set into motion a crop rotation program. Crop rotation aids the farmer's in coping with the demand of coffee products on the open market, especially organic flavored coffee. One way that organic flavored coffee growers can benefit is by applying to the government for incentives. The agricultural community supports the growing of it wholeheartedly. So much so that they will give benefits to farmers who grow organic. It takes a while to get certified organic but to the coffee grower it is well worth the wait.

As with the majority of organic products, organic coffee takes more time to come to term. This means that organic coffee costs more than your general store brands. In some instances, 12 ounces of organic coffee can be sold for $1.00 per ounce.

Organic coffee, like other organic or all natural foods, is sold in an entirely different section of your local supermarket. This type of coffee is sold in caffeinated and decaffeinated as well as flavored with vanilla, chocolate hazelnut or anything else you can think of that regular coffee comes in. Organic flavored coffee (like other all-natural products) must contain a seal indicating it is, in fact, organic. This is an FDA classification and cannot be overlooked.

Granted, organic coffee is more expensive than traditional coffee, but the sense of wellness it brings cannot be unmatched. Many brands you find are not made in the US but in countries that support slavery and the use of warlords such as South America or Africa.

Organic coffee prices will go down over the next few years, analysts predict. This is made possible by the crop rotation practices mentioned earlier by avoiding using fertilizers and pesticides.

The use of organic coffee or other products will not allow you to live longer, that is a guarantee that cannot be made. These organic products can help you live healthier lifestyles. Healthier lifestyles can lead to longer life. So the next time that you are in the grocery store or other large food center look at all of the organic food you can buy and realize that you can be feeling better and living a healthier, more enriching life than you were before switching from non-organic foods to organic.

Organic flavored coffee will not disappoint. True it is more expensive but the benefits as well as the flavor more than compensates for the cost.

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