Effects of Coffee On Your Health

Are you a caffeine junkie like me? The aroma of brewed coffee can surely awaken the senses. But people will start feeling the effects more after sipping since this is when the effects of coffee really kick in.

What exactly are the effects of coffee? Studies have shown this can boost someone's alertness, improve performance and concentration. Internally, this means a heart rate increase, blood pressure and basal metabolic rate. It will also help relax muscle tension and promote urine production. It is because of this that many use coffee while studying for an exam, to help wake up in the morning or work through the night.

Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee. According to research, it is safe to drink one or two cups every day. However, those who exceed this can experience the negative effects such as difficulty sleeping, headaches, irregular heartbeat, nausea and muscle tension. This can also lead to heartburn or ulcer, which is why specialists also advise individuals to drink moderately.

Coffee isn't good for women who are pregnant or patients who have heart disease and they should stay away from it since it may cause birth defects or other health problems.

But those who drink coffee can also feel the same effects by having substances that contain caffeine. For example, chocolate, sodas or tea.

Coffee would not make the individual do a foolish thing which is generally related with the consumption of alcohol or illegal substances. But it can be habit forming. Those who drink coffee on a regular basis and suddenly stop might experience what is known as withdrawal effects that will fade away after a few days when they can once again have a cup of coffee.

It appears that certain diseases have been prevented by coffee. Java for instance works as an anti-depressant, this is what I call good effects of coffee. Others are known to lessen the chances of developing Parkinson's disease in men even if doctors are not yet able to determine the cause of this disease.

In almost every household, coffee is being consumed. It can be purchased from the store or brewed at home or in the office.

The effects of coffee has on individuals might vary with another depending on how well the body is able to react to the caffeine so when the person has felt this is enough, it is time to stop rather than feeling the negative effects of consuming too much. However it is hard to beat a good cup of coffee in the morning. But since I want to better take care of my health I will try to drink a bit less coffee and start drinking some green tea during the day. Well like I said at least I will try.

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