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Many people's mornings across the country would not be the same without their morning coffee. In fact, most people need several cups of coffee to make it through their day. However, not every kitchen is made with enough space for the average coffee makers. Small kitchens are definitely not conducive to the typical coffee machine. Further to this, it is unrealistic to think that buying coffee from a local shop every day instead of making it at home is something that is financially feasible for everyone. There are space saver coffee makers available. The next step is to decide which kind of space saver suits you and your style.

There are plenty of different styles of coffee makers on the market. There is of course the typical drip machine, but there are also different kinds of makers. Drip coffee makers are still one of the best ways to brew coffee. However, a key to a good drip coffee filter is that the filter is not disposable. Permanent coffee filters do not absorb the oils and flavors from the coffee. Permanent coffee filters can be nylon, gold, as well as other materials. In addition, the flavors from the filter are not transferred to the coffee. Permanent filters do need to be cleaned well, but this small amount of extra work is definitely worth it. However, there are always coffee presses and hand presses to brew your coffee with. Some of the world's coffee snobs insist that a press is the only way to get true coffee and the rest must be thought of as instant.

The newest space saver is what is called a pod-type. These brew coffee with hot water that blasts coffee through individual coffee pads. They produce coffee that is very close to the European house roast. Some people say these pod makers are the best way to make coffee at home while saving space. There are also individual espresso machines that can be used to save space as well. Espresso machines work similarly to the pod machines in that they blast hot water through a small amount of coffee. The coffee for espresso machines can be either ground fresh and put through a filter like system, but they can also come in pre-measured tins that look like small creamers. Espresso machines take some time to learn how to work them and they do create a little extra mess than the pod machine. Whether the space saver is a pod machine, espresso machine, drip, or press, it is much better than getting rid of your daily cup of coffee.

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