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Imagine what a great thing it would be to receive a coffeepot as a gift, not just any one, but an antique one. Most people would never think of this variety of gift, even if the person they are buying for collects antiques. Interestingly enough this type of gift is reasonably easy to locate and very inexpensive. Whatever the case, it will be greatly appreciated.

The appeal came to me by pure accident. In my basement, I found a dusty, but attractive espresso maker. Our home is fairly old and the previous house owner left varied things behind after she left. There was this antique machine for making not just coffee, but espresso. It was something that one of my relatives had always wanted.

An elderly aunt loves antiques. I was aware her passion for washing basins, coffee grinders and dry sinks, I didn’t know that this little gift would please her so much. She’s lucky because I almost gathered up the heap of junk in the basement and put it out with the garbage. I probably would never have noticed it otherwise.

I have noticed many different types of coffee machines, but this one was unique. The coffeepot itself was not made from glass, but it was some sort of metal. It had handles on either side of the espresso machine, but it was very dirty and need of some polishing.

I did the right thing by not throwing out those abandoned items. My aunt is a novice expert when it comes to antiques. I decided to get her opinion on its value and discovered it was more valuable than I had realized.

My aunt was a wealth of knowledge. I was so impressed by her expertise that I decided she should have this. It was the best way I could show her my appreciation.

Coffee machines, whether they are antique or not are great gifts. There are so many different varieties. Some make espresso; some make just regular coffee. Some machines take up a small space on your kitchen surface and make up to 5 cups, whereas others take over a huge corner and look more like the ones you see in coffee-houses. If the person you are buying the coffee machine hates cluttered kitchen surfaces, there are even machines that fit under cupboards just like microwaves. For a real treat, coffee percolators, which were popular from the 50’s to the 70’s, can still be found in second-hand and antique stores for next to nothing. Just give them a bit of a polish and you have the perfect gift for that special person.

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