Fill Her Up: Are We Turning Into Caffeine Zombies?...

Remember back in the day when you'd go to your neighbor's house, who had the refrigerator and garage full of cola? It seemed as if people were consuming sodas at a record pace. Well, there seems to be a replacement for the colas that have reigned for as far as we can remember. With the introduction of businesses like Starbucks, the focus on coffee has taken on a whole new life.

It seems to have the world walking around like zombies; as if people need their fix of caffeine before they can get started with their daily routine. Because of the high demand, the selection of the coffees available has grown significantly. With all the different types to choose from, from all across the world, new combinations are being thought of everyday. Throw in caramel, cream, chocolate, cinnamon, and the hundreds of other possible ingredients, and you have a new fad in caffeine drinking.

Now, when you need to make the stop for your daily fix, you can just run down the street, as it seems like there are as many coffee shops as there are gas stations. If you're lucky, you may even find a drive-thru shop not too far from where you are now.

It's become more of a social thing. Many businesses have realized this, and have worked hard to put the needs of their customers first. These shops are turning more into one stop shops, where you can grab your coffee, surf the net to check your email, grab a newspaper, get candy and other beverages, and snatch breakfast or lunch whild you're at it. Some even sell t-shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia. Anything to make patrons feel as at home as possible.

The limits are endless when it comes to the coffee craze, and it does'nt seem as if it will slow down anytime soon. This is creating a new way of life for the current generation. Why would it? It's not just coffee, it's a new culture.

Fill Her Up: Are We Turning Into Caffeine Zombies?...
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