Flavored Coffee - A Delight On The Tongue

Flavored coffees are such fun! Butterscotch Toffee, Carmel Kiss, Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Turtle, Cinnamon Toddy, just to name a delicious few. The art of flavoring coffee began centuries ago with cinnamon, cardamom and pepper. Since that auspicious beginning, flavorings have come a long way. Flavorings now include, almond, mango, pumpkin, hazelnut, peanut butter, and many more to numerous to mention. Flavored coffee is a highly popular drink enjoyed by people around the world.

After roasting is when most flavors are added and most flavors are in a liquid form. Usually coffee is flavored by weight, with a pound of coffee being flavored with half an ounce of flavor. Coffee can be enhanced with almost any flavor imaginable.

With modern technology the flavors may now be added directly to the coffee bean instead of being added after the grinding process.

Today's coffee consumers can choose from a wide variety of flavored coffee with names like "Snickerdoodle," "French Hazelnut," "Jamaican Almond Fudge," "Irish Creme," "French Vanilla Creme," and "Peanut Butter Cup".

Coffee brewers usually use Arabica coffee beans in making their flavored coffees. These beans are usually milder and more flavorful than other beans and have low levels of acidity and bitterness. Arabica coffee beans are the finest of beans and were the first to be cultivated.

Coffee flavors require more flavoring compounds than most food flavorings. Dozens and dozens of different compounds are needed to achieve some subtle flavors. A really fine flavor will mask some of the bitterness or acidity but will not override the taste of the coffee itself.

Serve up a delicious flavored coffee with tea cakes, chocolate fudge cake, vanilla cake, applesauce cake, orange cake, coconut cream cake, molasses cake...well, you get the idea. Flavored coffees are good anytime with anything.

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