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Free coffee of the month clubs offer a variety of ways to get consumers to sign up. Though often perceived as gimmicks free coffee offers from even upscale coffee clubs is not uncommon. The real understanding behind why coffee companies use free coffee deals to entice us is actually as simple as it sounds. After reading this article you'll begin to have a better understanding of why the word "free" is used and that a free coffee deal is generally not a gimmick at all; its simply an added value bonus to you.

Free products have been offered for years. Even now days people are always looking for something free. Think of grocery shopping with fuel perks; yep free gas. One free technique goes back for years and thats free coffee in the "coffee of the month" styled clubs. Basically many coffee companies offer a free coffee maker or free bag of coffee with the consumers first purchase of a club entry or just a basic order. Once you get your free coffee or free coffee maker then you are enrolled in some type of club where you receive coffee on a regular basis. Years of study show us that the back end benefits to coffee companies that offer this is enormous and thats because of loyalty and simplicity. You were just given something free and the coffee is good. A bonus with this all is what is easier than coming home at the end of the day and getting the coffee you ordered online or from a catalog? You also avoid a trip to a coffee house or busy grocery store for a good brand of coffee.

Some people see free coffee makers and free coffee bonuses as gimmicks. However think of it if you were the coffee company. Lets say you give someone "x" amount of free product to join your club. Lets also assume that when you first sign up that they give you $50-$60 in free product and all you pay is $15.00 shipping to start. Well a good company allows you to cancel at anytime and keep the free gifts right? Most of the coffee clubs that offer this type of deal do allow you to keep the free coffee maker or free coffee and the ability to cancel at any given time. So essentially to start you into their program they are taking a $35-$45 loss in the hopes that you'll stick around and continue to buy. Even if you place 2 more orders with them they might break even. So the hopes by using the free coffee deal is to get you to stay as a life long customer but if you don't they lose. Its risky but it also has helped grow many businesses that feature coffee of the month clubs with free coffee offers. While its easy to grow a business this way its easy to lose in the coffee industry this same way. You must as a merchant believe in your coffee and coffee gifts. As a consumer you are blessed with many options to stay, options to leave or options to change. As a consumer the choice to stay or go is up to you and you may consider staying with a company that offers great tasting coffee and the free coffee or coffee maker is just icing on the cake.

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