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Caribou coffee is the second-largest coffee retailer in the United States, that they have ranked first in recent years in taste test for flavor. This company began in Minnesota, and now the caribou coffee franchise includes 460 coffee shops in 18 states in the eastern and central regions of the country. It is second to only the Starbucks corporation franchise in terms of size and the number of stores.

Carabou coffee has had its up's and downs since it was founded in 1992. But the company's story is very in inspiring and in interesting to up and coming entrepreneurs.

In 1990, while on a trip to the wilderness of Alaska, the founding members of Caribou John and Kim Puckett, encountered a beautiful site. While they were climbing to the top of Sable Mountain, they saw in the valley below a herd of Carabou running by. What happened then was they took this vision home to Minnesota with them, and a couple of short years later they opened the first Caribou coffee shop in Edina, Minnesota. This started them on that path to their dreams. And it resulted in the company which strives for the highest quality of products and service in the coffee business today.

Caribou Coffee Offers

What you'll find when you walk into a caribou coffee franchise shop is a laid back atmosphere that can be compared to a ski lodge or even a wilderness cabin. Carabou coffee offers more than just hot and cold beverages. They have now begun to offer baked goods that will warm your bones and make your mouth water.

You'll find most beverages that you have come to expect to find in your basic coffee shop today, including espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. You can also find blended drinks, with and without coffee, depending upon your desire. You can also find tea has a common item at your favorite Caribu coffee shop. And you'll find the tea will come in many different flavors and types. You must also experience the selection of " wild drinks", which includes some signature concoctions that you will only find in Carabou coffee franchise stores.

This company, a couple years ago started a bakery side of the business, which includes muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls that will go along with your beverage of choice. They even have sandwiches, so that you can enjoy your coffee at lunchtime. Carabou coffee has even starting a selection of clothing that is available and shows the caribou coffee label.

Caribou coffee has had its shares of problems over the years as the business has developed. Without question Caribou coffee offers a quality product that many people have come to enjoy. If you have never tried Caribou coffee, then you should probably give it a try today.

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