Grow coffee at your home

To grow a coffee plant at home is a wonderful experience that would assist you in learning and appreciating the job involved in producing a good cup of coffee. Growing coffee at home is very easy. You need to take care of the plant especially during flowering or cherry development. Ideally you need to start with a freshly picked coffee cherry.

Harvesting Coffee Seeds

Based on the county where your coffee is being grown, the coffee beans can be further harvested as little or much in year depends on the county’s plant and accessible climate. Coffee plant flowers and fruit are purely dependent on the cycle of wet seasons. Growing coffee beans nearer to equator gives you more and more chance to harvest. The cherry is normally pulped by hand, washed with clean water, and fermented in a small container. The fermentation stage is now complete when the mucilage no longer clings to the coffee. Wash away the fermented mucilage with clean water.

Each year coffee is generally harvested during the dry season only, when the coffee cherries are extremely bright red, glossy and firm adequate to be harvested. These processes are called as careful picking, stripping and mechanical harvesting, respectively.


If coffee cherries are not readily accessible green coffee could also be bought from a home supplier, but it is vital that the bean is of a current crop and current shipment. The probable for germination would then go on for almost four months, but after this time the germination rate is numerous fold less and germination time is drastically longer. Fresh seeds need to be germinated in 2.5 months, but old seeds could as well take as long as 6 months.

Proper Care

The temperature in countries outside the Tropic belt is too unstable and too cold to permit the tree to grow. It is suggested watering the tree twice per week as full watering and a half watering. In a half watering, we can simply add some water to the soil and let it to drain. In a full watering add water with fertilizer and let it to drain. The key is to maintain the soil most, but well drained.

After two or three years flowering and probably cherries could be expected, but do not hope for high-quality coffee unless you are at a high altitude and are watching the conditions of the artificial microclimate carefully. Once the cherries are grown you could harvest, pulp, ferment, dry, roast, and have a drink of your own coffee production.

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