Guide To Buying A Commercial Cappuccino Machine

Cappuccinos are one of if not the most popular varieties of coffee. Made from espresso, hot milk and frothed milk, the cappuccino originated from Italy and is now enjoyed the world over. Cappuccino machines are an increasingly popular fixture in all sizes of offices and businesses, and there are a growing number of sites online that make choosing and buying a commercial cappuccino machine quick and easy.

But what type of machine should you go for? The main differences between machines include the following:

? Variety of drinks offered: some machines will produce drinks such as hot chocolate as well as the expected range of coffees, so consider how many types of beverage you would like your machine to produce. It is also possible to buy cappuccino machines with a plain ?hot water? function.

? Speed of machine: this is often indicated in terms of the number of cups produced per hour- this can be anywhere from less than one hundred cups to over four hundred frothy cups per hour, so you should take into account just how much you expect the machine to be used on an hourly basis.

? Water supply: some cappuccino machines have an inbuilt water tank that can be refilled manually. This is ideal if attaching the machine to the building's plumbing will be difficult. If you do opt for a machine that connects to the mains water supply, make sure that you can access it from where you want to position your machine.

As well as these basic differences, some machines have a self-cleaning facility, which is ideal if you do not think you will have the time to clean it regularly by hand. You will find that the difference in price from machine to machine can be huge, so make sure that you decide which features are important to you for the money you are willing to spend.

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