Health Benefits of Coffee

For those who are tired of reading all read those morbid warnings about their favourite morning wake-up drink, coffee, there is good news. Coffee - in moderation - is not the ogre many health gurus warned us about, after all. In fact, according to a University of Scranton study done in 2005, health benefits from drinking coffee include those important disease preventers, antioxidants, of which there are many more than even green tea contains.

The magnesium in coffee may also contribute to preventing type two diabetes, while calcium and Vitamin D are also very beneficial, especially when contained in the fat-free option. And a certain antibacterial is said to contribute to the prevention of tooth decay, though this benefit may be lost if you take sugar in your coffee.

The University of Georgia discovered in a study that those participants who worked out at the gym enough to cause muscle pain and stiffness, then drank coffee afterwards, suffered less thigh pain than those did the same exercise, but drank a coffee substitute.

Of course, we do still know that the excess caffeine that we get from over-indulging in our favourite drink is bad for us. But it goes to show that moderation in all things, especially coffee, can be good for us.

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