Health Benefits Of Coffee As A Beverage

As a beverage, coffee has become the most popular drink in the world. Its stimulating effects have become one of its main selling points along with the rich aroma and distinct flavor that comes with every cup. Many people may not know it, but drinking coffee may bring with it some added health benefits. Here are just some of them.

Some studies have shown that coffee can help in the fight against some cancers. Researchers have found that coffee may have some anti-cancer properties. This gave evidence to studies that show coffee drinkers having a 50 percent lesser chance of developing liver cancer as compared to non-coffee drinkers. There are also some studies that suggest the beneficial effects of coffee in the lower rates of breast, colon, and rectal cancers in coffee drinkers.

There are also some new studies suggesting that coffee drinking may not lead to people suffering from high blood pressure over time. Although some studies have also shown that coffee may increase blood pressure in people already suffering from the common ailment, it hasn't been exactly pinpointed as the cause of the development of high blood pressure in people with normal blood pressure. At this point, the influence of coffee in the cardiovascular effects in the body may require some more intensive study and research.

Coffee drinking is also linked in some way to the development of diabetes. Some studies have shown that heavy coffee drinkers may have a 50 percent less chance of developing diabetes compared to light coffee drinkers. Coffee actually contains substances that help lower blood sugar and can also help in increasing one's resting metabolism rate when taken regularly. This helps keep the development of diabetes at bay.

There have also been some studies that are able to show coffee being able to protect men from developing Parkinson's Disease but may not have the same effect in women. The reason for this may be on the difference of hormone production in men and women. There are also other perceived health benefits connected with coffee drinking.

Coffee may help in increasing mental alertness as well as prolong ones waking hours. Drinking coffee may also help in improving short-term memory. Some substances in coffee may also help increase the effectiveness of certain migraine medication.

Although coffee may have these health benefits and more, drinking it in moderation may still apply. Drinking too much coffee regularly may also pose some possible health risks that may include insomnia and increased incidence of irritability and anxiety. Too much coffee may cause heartburn as well as indigestion.

These are just some of the health risks that can be caused by drinking too much of the popular stimulant. Moderation is the wise option in most indulgences. This also holds true to drinking coffee.

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